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Detached Signature
Jun 23, 2020

“Detached Signature” is the project’s first EP, inspired by the cryptography concept of the same name: a detached signature is a digital signature that is kept separate from the data it signs.

A concept that hardly applies to real life, as we don’t usually see contracts with their signatures written somewhere else. The lyrics touch on some questions about identity:

What authenticates you?

What serves as proof (even to yourself) that you are indeed yourself?

And most importantly: how to safeguard your identity?

Being the project’s first ep, it sets the ground of its own identity, serving as a detached signature for itself, a self-signed faith.


  1. Fake Mystery
  2. Mandatory Refusal
  3. Logjam
  4. Contractual Bond

Mastered by my far away friend Kane Hay, who also gave track #3 and #4 some of his unique paramat-y earthy-punch sounds.

Artwork by Frederico Del Fiume 💛, whose talent helped me a lot not only with the artwork but also in creating the entire visual identity of this release

Release Date: 23/07/2020

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