Demising Faith

music for endangered species

Jan 28, 2019

“Logjam” was released as track #21 of this amazing compilation of diverse music. It was later remastered and re-released as track #3 of Detached Signature.

CusCus Discus is a label that works on a 6/7 power supply voltage. We look for a hybrid culture that could connect lots of ideas. We are constantly reinventing ourselves through the endless matter of imagination. The constant migration of people around the world was, in most cases a forced one, that originated a melting pot of different cultures. This melting pot is materialized in any kind of artistic production. This is the historical background where CusCus stands. Our music, fortunately, is incoherent. It has different rhythms and starting points that are present in the work that we produce and spin in our dj sets. Our label is a recipe that constantly changes in order to find the most delicious flavor. CusCus Àmostra 000 is our first sampler featuring artists that move around us. Musicians that produce independently, speak many languages, have different nationalities, and come from different backgrounds. Establishing connections between them is what we do. CusCus Àmostra 000 is a demonstration of what we will be and a glimpse of our creative mishmash.

Mastered by Giorgio MoreOver Gristina at CusCus Studius.

Artwork by CusCus crew, edited by Teresa Rodrigues.

Release Date: 28/01/2019

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